Scott Wright of, says the Chiefs will need to bite the bullet and take a quarterback with the overall number one pick in this April’s draft. Wright says the team could be a .500 team if they hire the right coach and find the right quarterback.

Wright says that the Chiefs should have a good stable of talented wide receivers to choose from with lower round picks. This would help any Chiefs QB who will likely be without free agent Dwayne Bowe.

While this is upcoming draft is loaded with defensive players, there are two strikes against the Chiefs. For starters, they already have several first round picks on the defensive side of the ball and with so many great players to choose from this year, it will be tough for the Chiefs to trade down to another team looking for defensive help. Wright says other teams will be able to sit with their mid to late first round picks and find a good defensive player.

I also asked Wright about Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray. We saw him against Mizzou, three straight years of over 3,000 passing yards and he lit Nebraska up for 427 yards and five touchdowns in the Capital One Bowl. Could Murray be a good choice for the Chiefs if he leaves early? Wright explains why Murray is NOT the answer.

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