A couple of legislators have filed bills that would strengthen gun control laws. The National Rifle Association says it’s watching those bills and will do everything in its power to protect the right to bear arms.

Rep. Mike Colona proposes all guns be locked up until they’re “checked out” for use. Rep. Stacey Newman says her bill would require background checks for all firearms sold at Missouri’s gun shows.

National Rifle Association Stephanie Samford says state legislators and members of Congress are using recent unfortunate events to push an anti-gun agenda, and are “exploiting recent tragedies.”

On the other side of the aisle, Rep. Mike Kelley has a bill that would let teachers carry concealed weapons without the permission of school boards or school administrations, a bill Governor Nixon says he is strongly opposed to. Samford simply says of the NRA’s stance on the measure: “The NRA supports conceal and carry for all law-abiding citizens in the U.S.”

The NRA has come out in favor of arming school principals.

She says the uptick in gun sales this year in Missouri and nationwide is because gun owners feel their rights are at risk. She says that’s a fear that’s warranted, and that the NRA will continue to lobby against gun restriction laws.

FBI data shows gun sales have spiked since President Obama took office in 2008 … and continue to rise leading to record sales in 2012.

AUDIO: Jessica Machetta reports (1:18)