The Southwest Missouri town of Noel or “Noelle” as it’s known during the holiday season has an 80 year old Christmas card tradition that shows no signs of slowing down.

Volunteer Christmas card stamper at the Noel post office Dot Harner says the “Christmas City” has a special significance during the holiday season. It’s been an ongoing tradition that people throughout the state, country, and internationally have their Christmas cards sent to loved ones through the Noel post office so a festive stamp will be placed on the envelope.

 She says thousands of Christmas cards each year are sent through their post office. “On the cards that went out since we are a Christmas city because at Christmas time we call it ‘Noelle’ instead of Noel,” she says. “We have three stamps that we put on. We have a red Christmas wreath that reads ‘Noel, Missouri’ inside of it and we have a green Christmas tree that we stamp on, and then we have just the spelling of our city, Noel.”

Harner says one year there were nearly 100,000 pieces of mail being sent out through the Noel post office during the holiday season. This year so far, they’re up to nearly 70,000. “Some years are more. Last year was not very good but I think it was because of our economy,” she says.

Harner says the tradition began in 1932.  

AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:00)