Organizations that help low-income Missourians get needed food are hoping the legislature gives them back a tax credit they lost more than a year ago.

Missouri’s social tax credit program took a hit in  2011 when the legislature failed to extend  the Food Pantry Tax Credit.  Lawmakers failed to reinstate it this year.  A proposal to put it back on the books will be part of the 2013 session.

State Food Banks Association director Scott Baker calls the credit a “tremendous tool” that encouraged people to give to food pantries.  He hopes it can rise above the ongoing tax credit debate in the legisalture.

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A group that has just finished several months of study of tax credit program.  Two years ago the committee recommended programs like the Food Pantry Tax Credit should be measured on whether in terms of the financial return on investment.  This time, it recommends the legislature establish guidelines that measure the amount of services that result from them. 

Baker says he and others in the association are watching the fiscal cliff negotiations in Washington, waiting to see how hard federal nutrition programs will be hit.