Missourians who will be partying during the holiday season are encouraged not to drink and drive, and to have a designated driver present if they should in order to help reduce the number of DWI accidents on the roads.

The Designated Driver Program, which is a campaign with the Missouri Insurance Information Service, is designed to encourage party hosts or groups celebrating with alcoholic beverages during the holidays to remain sober and provide transportation to those who do decide to drink.

     Spokesman Brent Butler says in an effort to promote the program, free lapel stickers which state, “I’m A Designated Driver” will be provided so that it will make designated drivers recognizable in drinking establishments.

“It’s just a simple name-tag sticker that you put on your shirt and hopefully the bartenders will honor that and provide the Pepsi for those folks,” he says.  “And obviously it’s a voluntary service for the bartenders.”

However, in the event that there might not be a sober driver, Butler says to just simply don’t drink and drive. “And if you’re having a party, you might want to make sure you have the opportunity for folks to drink non-alcoholic beverages,” he says.

Butler says the program has been around for years and he hopes that by promoting the program with the stickers, it would help to save some lives.


AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:03)