The Holiday Season is traditionally a time for being generous and giving to charities, friends and family. It can also be a time that could have a major impact on the tax return you’ll file in 2013.

Missouri IRS spokesman Michael Devine says if you’re planning on claiming any donations as charitable deductions on your tax returns, any charitable donation that’s made during 2012 will be eligible to claim on your 2012 tax returns.

“It doesn’t matter if you write a check, doesn’t matter if it’s cashed in 2012, as long as you have either mailed or delivered the check to the organization,” he says. “During 2012, you’ll probably be able to write it off on your taxes for 2012.”

And donations can be made by credit card, check, and cash. Devine says cash contributions are okay, but there needs to be a record from the organization if it’s more than 250 dollars.

 “Then it doesn’t matter whether you paid the bill in January as long as the charge is made in December and if you’re going to write a check,” he says.  As long as the check is mailed in December, it doesn’t matter if it’s cashed in January and that means you made the donation during the taxable year.”

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