The Missouri Hospital Association says Missouri hospitals provided more than one billion dollars in uncompensated care. So who’s paying for it?

129 participating hospitals also provided 622 point 8 million dollars in charity care the same year. Missouri Hospital Association spokesman Dave Dillon says we are all paying for the high costs for the uninsured across the state.

“And to use revenue that they gain from taking care of individuals for this purpose,” he says. “To help those who can’t purchase insurance.”

Dillon says for example, it’s included when individuals seek services at a hospital, part of their bill goes to pay for the uninsured in the state. Businesses and individuals who purchase health insurance, part of that cost is included as well.

Dillon says the numbers being as high as they are, are indicative of the fact that the system is broke. “We’re proud to have a mission in that many Missouri hospitals are not for profit,” he says.

Dillon says money raised by hospitals and charitable organizations is used to provide care to those who are uninsured and can’t afford it.

AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (:48)