Joining me on this Missourinet Google Hangout is Bill Scott, the Sports Director at Wisconsin Radio Network and Kevin McCreary, the Sports Director at Nebraska Radio Network, to talk about the coaching changes that have taken place in the Southeastern Conference and how they affect the college football landscape. (Watch below)

The biggest story this week was Wisconsin’s Bret Bielema leaving the Badgers after just clinching the school’s third straight trip to the Rose Bowl. We talk to Bill about why Bielema made the move and what this means for Wisconsin and the Big Ten as a whole.  You’ll be surprised what Alvarez had to say.

Kevin breaks down how a coach like Bielema will succeed in the SEC, plus he shares his thoughts on if college football needs to split up between the “haves and have nots.” Also, Quick sidenote: Tennessee hires Butch Jones away from Cincinnati.  Bearcats A.D. is Whit Babcock, who worked under Mike Alden at Mizzou. Would he be interested in former Mizzou offensive coordinator David Yost for a head coaching position?

Watch our Missourinet Google Hangout