[ceilingva] :62 VA Missouri’s junior senator argues for permanent resolutions to the major issues facing Congress and the President before the end of the year. Bob Priddy reports he thinks entitlement programs deserve particular attention. soc

[ceilingjr] :39 VA semi-permanent solution. soc

[ceiling1] :26 A Missouri’s junior senator urges the Senate to act like a senate should act as Congress and the President negotiate to avoid tax increases and deep program cuts that will go into effect on January first. Senator Blunt says a balanced approach has to get spending under control and create programs that produce more revenue. He says a number of analysts who have looked at the alternative all have reached bad conclusions. “do”


[ceiling2] :30 A Senator Blunt says reform of entitlement programs has to be part of the resolution of the federal deficit deadlock. He tells fellow Senators that failure to address the issue as part of the “fiscal cliff” discussions endangers those programs. “last”


[ceiling3] :25 A Blunt says entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security should be part of the package if those programs are to survive. He maintains that any program that is based on the demographics of the general population has to change as the population changes. “that’


[ceiling4] :15 A Blunt says reform is the only way to make the programs secure.”things”


[ceiling8] :15 A Senator Blunt and 42 of his colleagues have sent a letter to President Obama opposing his suggestiont hat he unilaterally increase the national debt ceiling. . Blunt calls the President’s suggestion “irresponsible,” and he says members of the President’s party in the senate know it. Blunt tells senate colleagues…”money” (Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has refused to a allow a vote on a proposed 1.6-trillion dollar tax package.)

 AUDIO: Blunt on Senate floor 13:25