The year’s most important and clinical advances against cancer are highlighted in a medical journal edited in Missouri.

Dr. Bruce Roth, professor at Washington University in St. Louis and editor of the Journal of Clinical Oncology says 87 studies of cancer this year were highlighted in their most recent issue and 17 of those studies were designated as major advances. One of these highlighted studies focuses on breast cancer.

“In terms of breast cancer there are a number of developments this year,” he says. “One of which was accomplished by Matthew Ellis of my division here at Washington University. And it fits into a more overarching team for the year, namely precision medicine,” Roth says.

“And trying to find predictive factors in the patient’s genetic makeup and their tumor makeup that will predict for response to particular types of treatment,” he says.

Roth says this year is its eighth issue and every year a team of experts selects the most scientific advances. “To summarize those in a format that patients and physicians to understand,” he says.

Roth adds that other content in the annual paper includes a listing of new FDA approved drugs for cancer throughout the year.

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