The Department of Revenue responds to questions about operations of its fee offices throughout the state, especially those in Southwest Missouri.

Department of Revenue director Alana Barragan-Scott testified during a State Auditors Committee hearing to discuss the questioning of not-for-profit control of Southwest Missouri fee offices.

She says within the past few years, the way fee offices have been overseen have become successful.

“It was an enormous undertaking for the Department of Revenue for the division of purchasing for the state,” she says. “We began it in January of 2009. The legislature stepped in and together and codified it; codified that process and I think it’s a real success.”

Barragan-Scott says staff at the Department of Revenue score bids and awards licensing offices based on how well they are being overseen.

“For example the return to state and the points, I think they calculate the points and perform some other review and then the bid is awarded,” she says.

The final fee report is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (:54)