Four days ago, we ran a story on Missourinet about David Freese being involved in a one car wreck in suburban St. Louis in which he claimed he swerved to avoid a deer. Now the homeowner who had his mailbox and fence damaged in the wreck says he isn’t buying Freese’s story.

Charlie Duff was not home at the time of the accident, but told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, he doesn’t believe there were deer in the area. Two eyewitnesses from the neighborhood say there are plenty of deer in the area, but one of those eyewitnesses who assisted Freese immediately after the crash said he thinks Freese fell asleep at the wheel.

Tire tracks show that the SUV left the road about 50 feet from mailbox, smashing through it, crossing the driveway, jumping a decorative wall, crashing through a fence and continuing through the field for 300 feet, before veering back toward the road and hitting two trees.