This weekend is the first of the state’s annual celebrations of the presence of our national bird. The first of the conservation department’s five annual Eagle Days is at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge. Several of the two-thousand eagles that winter in Missouri each year will be at Squw Creek..Conservation Department spokesman Bill Graham says they go where the food is at this time of year. “Most of the year their diet is fish…but they will follow these water fowl flocks down…and feed on sick and injured birds, too,” he says.

Graham says a trip through the refuge this week revealed one area where viewers saw about 30 eagles. Other Eagle Days are in January and February at Smithville Lake north of Kansas City; at Lock and Dam 24 at Clarksville, on the Mississippi; at the conservation department nature center in Springfield; and at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge near Puxico in southeast Missouri.

 AUDIO: Graham interview 10:36