Former Mizzou basketball guard Michael Dixon, who was suspended from the team just prior to the start of exhibition play has decided to transfer. The University released a statement from Dixon late Thursday night.

“It’s been a challenging few months and while I appreciate the support of many in the Mizzou community, including my coaches and teammates, it’s in the best interest of me, my family and the University of Missouri for me to finish my career elsewhere.”

The announcement came shortly after a story appeared online on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of a second rape accusation.  It’s not confirmed that his decision to leave was based on this story.

Earlier this week, details came out surrounding Dixon’s suspension. He was accused of forcible rape back in August. The report filed by Columbia Police stated there was not enough to go on to further investigate. It is believed that the decision to suspend Dixon came from the school’s student advisory board and not Coach Frank Haith.

During a recent trip to the Bahama’s, Dixon traveled with the team and sat on the bench during three games.

From the Post-Dispatch…

Less than 48 hours after a rape accusation against Dixon in August became public in the wake of that case being closed for insufficient evidence, another documented accusation of rape surfaced Thursday in a 2010 University of Missouri police incident report obtained by the Post-Dispatch.

That report also led to no charges against Dixon, as the alleged victim declined to press charges out of what she said was fear of retaliation and being ostracized by family. But a nurse who examined the woman said afterward that from the injuries sustained she “believes force was involved,” according to the report.