American airline passengers scored a win as U.S. Senators Claire McCaskill and John Thune of South Dakota proposed a bipartisan legislation which protects Missourians and American jobs from a European Union emissions tax on the U.S. airline industry.

President Obama has signed into law a bi partisan legislation protecting Missouri consumers and American jobs from European Union emissions tax.

 And Senator Claire McCaskill says she does not think that when Congress decided to step in to protect U-S airlines from having to pay a European program that cuts emissions will lead to a trade war.

“If anything is going to be done in this regard, and I can argue whether it should or shouldn’t but it certainly would have to be on an international basis,” she says. “We can’t have just a group of countries deciding all of a sudden to tax other countries for their carbon emission program, so I’m glad we got it passed.”

McCaskill says she was the sponsor of the legislation along with South Dakota Senator John Thune. “I don’t think it will start a trade war. I thought it was outrageous that the European Union would try to tax our airlines,” she says.

McCaskill adds that she found it to be terribly unfair and one sided by the European Union, but hopes that with the legislation passed, they will get the message.

AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:03)