The Department of Insurance says a new, free app can help motorists figure out what to do when they’re in a traffic accident — it’s called “WreckCheck”.

Department of Insurance spokesman Travis Ford says the WreckCheck app was created by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to help insured drivers figure out what to do when an accidents happen. He says in an accident situation, most people get shaken up.

The WreckCheck app lists clearly defines best practices in any crash situation, allows users to keep their personal information on file, take and store photos, and helps guide them through the proper process. It’s free on iPhone and Android phones.

“While drivers need to share information,” the department says, a survey of insured motorists reveals that “consumers aren’t sure about exactly how much personal information to exchange. Consumers generally need only share their names and car insurance information. It’s unnecessary and could be risky to share additional information like driver’s license numbers and home addresses.”

Ford warns that could lead to identity theft.