Gary Pinkel addresses the media for the final time of the 2012 season

Never did the thought cross his mind. Not for a moment did Gary Pinkel consider stepping down as head football coach at the University of Missouri.

“I don’t know where that all started. My daugther called me and said ‘I heard you’re retiring?’ I love what I do and couldn’t wait to get into work on Monday.”

While the rumors flew across Twitter on Sunday and into Monday morning that Pinkel would resign or be forced to resign, he was already chomping at the bit to get back into the office to begin preparations for 2013. Starting Monday evening on his weekly radio show and continuing Tuesday morning during his final press conference of the season, Pinkel enthusiastically pointed out he would examine every aspect of his football program to make it better. It’s something he has done after every season at Mizzou, and after every one of his 22 years as a head coach…regardless if the season turned out like this year or one in which his team won ten games.

Pinkel also stood behind his coaching staff and coordinators and said they would all be back with the same responsibilities for next year, again killing rumors and/or suggestions that he was being forced to make changes.

While the team faced extraordinary circumstances with the move to a new conference, off-field issues and several injuries at key positions, Pinkel never used any of that as an excuse during the season or today. In fact, he chose to look at the bright side of a down season.

AUDIO Highlights of Gary Pinkel’s press conference (9:00)