Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles waited on the field after their loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday to get an autograph from Peyton Manning.

“My mom wanted this autograph,” Charles said.

Dwayne Bowe posed alongside Manning for a picture.

“It’s Peyton Manning,” he said. “Who wouldn’t want a picture with him?”

The Chiefs have sunk to a new low of pathetic with their PDA for the future Hall of Famer.

As an athlete, I’m sure every player in the NFL (like Charles and Bowe) admire other players in their league for their accomplishments, athletic ability or both. As well they should. If anyone can really relate to what it takes to survive in a professional league like the NFL it would be another player. However, don’t do it after you just lost to them, in front of your fans who paid to watch you try to defeat this star athlete.

What do you think? As a Chiefs fan do you have an issue with players seeking out pics and autographs from opposing players?  Let me know on Twitter.

Check out this video for KCTV.