One of our Congressmen calls on his colleagues to focus on solving problems, instead of acting as if the “most important thing in the world is remaining faithful to…ideology.” 

Bush-era and Obama tax cuts expire in less than a month.  One-half trillion dollars in tax increases and across-the board major spending cuts kick in in about six weeks if the President and Congress fail to agree on a budget deficit reduction deal.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Kansas City is critical of what he calls “fact-free debate” and what he calls “poisonous partisanship” that sends a bad message to the nation.

He says a failure of leadership has angered some Americans to the point that they want their states to secede from the Union.  He says the poisonous partisanship must end.  But Cleaver says ideology has trumped logic in Congress. 

Cleaver notes that a failure of Congress and the President to reach agreement will mean tax increases for 90 percent of Americans, and painful cuts to programs and services.

 AUJDIO: Cleaver speaks to the House 5:33