Chiefs safety Eric Berry says he was chased by a pony once on a school field trip. Well, he doesn’t know if the pony was actually coming after him, but it was headed in his direction. Ever since then, Berry has had a fear of horses. An NFL films production captures Berry on the field at Arrowhead Stadium retreating to the sidelines and bench whenever Warpaint takes to the field. Berry likes to keep a safe distance between him and the Chiefs mascot.

I like the beginning of the video clip, when Berry first notices the horse…his reaction is hilarious. “Might come over here and throw a tantrum.”

Warpaint appears at every home game. Whether it is during the team introductions right before kickoff, or while galloping across the field every time the Chiefs score, Warpaint loves Arrowhead Stadium…the feeling isn’t mutual for Berry.

AUDIO Berry opens up on horses (1:40)