The Missouri Department of Transportation has upgraded it’s free smartphone Traveler Information app so motorists can get road condition information faster and easier.

Spokesman Matt Hiebert says the app, which has attracted thousands of users already to download its newest version, has been improved significantly so drivers can get road conditions from the convenience of their smartphone right at their fingertips.

“We improved the navigation by improving the pension zoom function,” he says. “We’ve also added a new feature called MyRoutes. It lets users add in frequently traveled routes, rather than having to zoom in a certain area every time. They can actually put their route into a frequently traveled list that they can refer to.”

And current users will be prompted to download the latest version, but if you’re a new user Hiebert says to go to your respective app store on your smartphone device and type in: MoDOT Traveler Information. The app will appear on your screen and follow the instructions from there.

Hiebert has just one thing he wants to remind drivers to not do before using the app.

“MoDOT wants to remind everyone not to use the app while driving,” he says. “You should consult it before you leave for your destination. Once you’re on the road, the safest thing you can do is pay attention.”

The app is also available for use on iPads and Android compatible tablets.

AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:03)