Missouri reelects Governor Nixon to four more years in office and his campaign manager says the state will be seeing a commitment to working together and tackling challenges facing the state.

Since defeating opponent Dave Spence for a second term Tuesday night, Governor Nixon and his campaign staff are now looking towards the next four years that he remains in office.

Nixon’s campaign manager Oren Shurr says the Governor’s focus is on job creation and finding ways to make government more efficient to save the taxpayers money. “He’s looking to make it easier for businesses to grow and expand; both big and small businesses. But the economy is still number one on everybody’s mind and I know it’s number one on the Governor’s and that will be his focus on day one,” he says.

Shurr says he is confident reelecting Governor Nixon for a second term is not only Nixon’s win; it is also a win for the people of Missouri. “They just reelected a governor who is committed to doing politics differently, to working across the aisle, bringing Democrats and Republicans together to balance the budget, get this economy moving, job creation and really to do things differently,” he says.

 Shurr thinks voters and Missourians are tired of the partisanship they see in Washington and they’re happy that the state does things differently and that’s what they will get with Governor Nixon. Shurr says it’s all about getting the state to move forward. “It’s all about getting Missourians back to work, to get the state’s continued fiscal responsibility that the state’s been running under, and to make college more affordable for families,” he says.

Shurr says under Governor Nixon, Missouri is moving in the right direction when it comes to the continuing decline in the unemployment rate throughout the state. “The unemployment rate is at a four year low.

It’s been under the national average now for over three years running so clearly we’re moving in the right direction under Governor Nixon’s plans of recruiting big businesses to the state, getting big corporations like Ford and GM to expand and create jobs and then also working with small businesses. In the last three years Missouri has gone from 49th in the nation in small business growth to 6th in the nation for small business growth,” he says.

Shurr says Nixon plans on to comtinue to find ways to grow on the state’s economic strengths by working with small businesses and creating new jobs for Missourians.


AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:04)