The Missouri House of Representatives will continue to have a Republican majority following yesterday’s election. The chamber will have the greatest number of Republicans ever, at 110.

Representative Kurt Bahr (R-St. Charles) won re-election to the Missouri House in Tuesday’s General Election.

Now, the House GOP caucus must meet to sort out who will be its leadership. Representative Kurt Bahr (R-St. Charles) says that will happen later today at the State Capitol in Jefferson City.

“We’re going to vote for our party leadership. Obviously we’ll go ahead and support Tim Jones (R-Eureka) for speaker of the house because we’ve already made that vote, but we’ll decide who’s going to be the majority leader, who’s going to be the majority whip, who’s going to be the caucus secretary, caucus chair, other party positions and vote for those positions of leadership.”

Bahr explains why the majority leadership positions are significant. “When the speaker of the house and the majority leader strategize on what legislation do we as a caucus, as a party want to propose and push for and what bills do we want to support or try to prevent from happening, each of those members gets a seat at that table. So, even the caucus secretary, a less than glamorous position, has a seat at the table to have their input on leadership and strategy meetings. So who we vote for for those positions has a impact in public policy for our state.”

Click here to see the Missouri House majority and minority leadership.

Having 110 members means House Republicans have enough members to vote to overturn a governor’s veto in that chamber.  A two-thirds majority vote would also be needed from the Senate to complete an override attempt.