It’s a two time win for Governor Nixon as he’s been elected to serve another term in Missouri, defeating his opponent Dave Spence.

 This makes Nixon the first two-term governor in the state since Mel Carnahan. Nixon’s message to supporters? He says “We must keep going.” Nixon says that all parties must come together and work collectively. In his victory speech last night he says, “I believe in a different kind of politics. One that focuses on the values we share as Missourians.”

During his concession speech last night, Spence says he hopes that leadership in the state will take charge in the next four years. “I still believe that it’s foul that we’re still 50th in job creation and 55,000 kids in unaccredited schools and 16 percent of our population living in poverty. I think it’s wrong and I’m hoping that leadership in this state thinks it’s wrong as well,” he says.

Listen to both Governor Nixon’s victory speech and Dave Spence’s concession speech here.

AUDIO: Nixon Victory Speech (7:55)

AUDIO: Spence Concession Speech (4:06)