Missouri is sending a team from the State Emergency Management Agency to assist in relief efforts caused by last week’s Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast.

 Spokesman Mike O’Connell says one team from the state is traveling to the State of New York to help clean-up and rebuild a ravaged area damaged by the hurricane. He says the team was specifically requested because of their experience and expertise and has worked with New York in the past.

 “We had a specific request late last week to have these specific volunteer and donations management, a coordination specialist, to go to New York and assist the State of New York and their team because they’re getting so many donations and volunteers,” he says.

He says the State of Missouri is happy to reciprocate because they reached out after the May 20-11 tornado in Joplin. He says Missouri was not reluctant to share its expertise with the Northeast because of the great support they received from them in the wake of the tornado last year. “From New York, New Jersey, the rest of the country, the rest of the world when help was so desperately needed,” he says.

O’Connell says the extent of damage along the East Coast is estimated to cost between 30 to 50 billion dollars.

AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:02)