The way voters should identify themselves has been an issue in the campaign for Secretary of State. The incumbent has information about what you will need at the polling place tomorrow.

Robin Carnahan is leaving the Secretary of State’s office after eight years. Republican Shane Schoeller and Democrat Jason Kander want to take her place in January. Schoeller advocates passage of a law requiring voters to present photo identification at the polling place.

Carnahan says the campaign discussion has caused confusion because of the long-standing debate about the issue.

But they’re not required for this election. Carnahan says voters will be able to use several forms of identification: drivers or non-drivers licenses, a voter ID card from your local election authority, a student ID from a Missouri institution of higher education, a utility bill, or a bank statement or some other government check or document with your name and address on it. And if the voter has none of thise things, it’s still possible to vote.—-if at least one of the polling place judges from each party knows the person and can vouch for their status.

But this year’s election has another wrinkle to it. Redistricting might have moved people into new polling places. Carnahan says checking the place of your polling place can avoid problems.

AUDIO: Carnahan interview 12:42