Today is the last day to apply for an absentee ballot to be mailed out.  But it’s not the end of absentee voting season.

Time is short for those asking to have an absenteen ballot mailed to them.  Little time remains for it to arrive in the mail, to be voted, and then returned to the local election authority before the close of business Monday, the day before the election.

People wanting to vote absentee can still go to the election authority offices and cast ballots in person through Monday. 

The President of the state county clerks and election authorities association, Camden County clerk Roland Todd, suspects a lot of absentee voters lie about not being in town to cast ballots on election day..

                                   AUDIO: Roland :34    

He doesn’t know anyone ever being prosecuted for lying.  Frankly, he says, he and his staff have no time on election day to drive around and see if absentees are not really absent.

Counting of absentees starts on election day morning so the numbers can be made public after the polls close at 7. p.m.