The Missouri River Recovery Program has launched a new and interactive tool for the public to get an insight on the river’s natural environment with only a click away.

The Missouri River Basin Explorer is released to the public for online use. The informational tool is designed to provide insight regarding the natural environment around the river and the efforts of the Missouri River Recovery Program.

Senior Program Manager Steve Fischer says there are many interactive options available on the website for people to access. “It’s broken up into different regions within the river. So if we work from the Rocky Mountain foot heels all the way down to the central lowlands here in Missouri. So you can take a look at each one of those different regions on the river. And then there’s linkages you can click on…different tabs on the website itself and it’ll show linkages based on whatever topic you might have selected on there,” he says.

Fischer says the Missouri River Basin Explorer will help with communication regarding the Missouri River itself. “The habitat, the endangered species, and what the corps of engineers is doing to date, which is relevant to those species on the river,” he says. Adding that he wants the tool to be available to the public so they can better understand what takes place on the rivers as well as river stakeholders throughout the state. “As we engage with the stakeholders in a variety of different venues up and down the river, particularly our Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee, that’s our 70 member stakeholder group that we work with on the river. So what this is, is a tool for them to go back and share with their constituents, as well as us to share with other basin stakeholders,” he says.


For more information about the Missouri River Basin Explorer, visit www.

AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:00)