The Missouri Association of Electric Cooperatives says it’s unclear if employees will be sent to the Northeast to help with relief efforts caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Director of Communications Jim McCarty says based on the level of destruction done to the Northeast region will determine if Missouri utility workers will need to travel to the devastated areas.

“At this point, it would be difficult to speculate on whether we might be needed or not,” he says. “Certainly, they’re going to go with folks closer to the devastated areas as soon as possible they will get those into action and then they will probably reassess and keep looking further out, but let’s hope that we’re not needed. It would be a pretty massive storm if they did have to reach this far.”

McCarty says right now, states such as South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee have crews staging, but they have not been sent anywhere yet. They’re just waiting to see where they will be needed.

“We would probably be pretty far down on the list,” he says. “They would have to work through the states that are a lot nearer before they would call on us, however, our crews are keeping track of the situation there.”

AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports (1:00)