Missouri Association Electric Cooperatives says they will not be sending employees to the Northeast region that’s being hit by Hurricane Sandy any time soon, even though millions of people throughout that region of the country are expected to lose power in their homes due to the severity of the storm that’s heading up the East Coast.

Communications Director Jim McCarty says at this point, no crews from Missouri have been asked to travel to the East Coast. “Obviously, there is a lot of states between here and the East Coast, and we would probably be pretty far down on the list, so they would have to work through the states that are a lot nearer before they call on us, however, our crews are keeping track of the situation there and if we’re called of course we would do our best to get some folks together,” he says.

McCarty says states such as South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee have crews staging right now, but have not been sent anywhere yet, and are waiting to see where they will be needed.