Shortly after taking their eight hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean, the Rams players grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to the football fields in London. They weren’t preparing for the New England Patriots. Instead the Rams were introducing school students to the game of American football.

Two groups of more than 250 students each took part in the biggest NFL Play 360 event. Many of the kids, whose first love is soccer, drifted over towards Greg Zuerlein, the kicker and punter Johnny Hekker.

“You love to kind of feed off the energy of the kids,” Hekker said. “They’re all having fun out here, learning a foreign game so they are all kind of buying in and trying to soak up some knowledge so it’s a lot of fun for us.”

Not all 500+ kids have the desire to become kickers. Running back Steven Jackson was impressed with quite a few kids.

“They have some very talented young lads here,” Jackson said, trying to fit in with London slang. “You know what? They have extremely good feet and hand-eye coordination. No shock, the game of soccer here is huge. It can translate to football; you have just got to put on the pads now.”

The Rams have been practicing today for their first time over there to prepare for New England.