A recent audit of Missouri’s athletic department financial records shows an employee used a department credit card to pay for a $7,600 tab at a Las Vegas strip club. The employee was reprimanded and did pay back the charges. One of the charges included a $2,000 tip on a $4,400 bill.

The audit is part of a review of university business and it also flagged nearly $3,000 in charges by former men’s basketball director of operations Jeff Daniels, who now works at Arkansas under former Tigers coach Mike Anderson.

Daniels billed the school for two charges of $1,489.54 each at the Vince Young Steakhouse in Austin, Texas, in January 2011. Those charges were for a team meal that the university estimated was for a traveling party of approximately 30 people, including coaches, team members and support staff, meaning an average dinner cost of nearly $100 per person. Those charges were flagged because together they exceeded the $2,500 limit for single transactions.

There were 85 other transactions of lesser fees that were highlighted in the audit, but the athletic department confirmed to the Kansas City Star that steps have been taken to remind employees what type of purchases are allowable.