U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin compared his democratic opponent, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, to a dog in his comments at a weekend fundraiser.

Now, his campaign has taken the reference one step further.

Akin aide Rick Tyler posted a tweet that says, “If Claire McCaskill were a dog, she’d be a ‘Bullshitsu’.”

McCaskill’s office responded to the earlier comment about her being a “fetch dog” in Washington by saying, “I’m not shocked. I’m not even upset that he compared Claire to a dog … At this point, I really don’t expect anything more or less from Todd Akin.”

“We’ll leave it to the voters to make judgments about the language being used by Todd Akin’s campaign,” she says.

The dog comments are among those in a series of statements by Akin that have received public attention, the first being that “legitimate rape” rarely results in pregancy. Akin also blasted McCaskill after a debate by saying she was was not being “lady-like” during their first debate.

Tyler told the New York Times McCaskill objects to the dog reference to “distract from the important issues.”

He says, Akin “made an analogy — probably could have made a better one. Everybody’s going to find a reason to get their feelings hurt and get bent out of shape.”