Congressman Todd Akin’s statements have been under a microscope ever since his “legitimate rape” comment … and now he’s again getting attention because he has compared Senator McCaskill — his democratic opponent — to a dog.

Akin spoke at a fundraiser in Springfield over the weekend:

“She goes to Washington, D.C., it’s a little bit like one of those dogs, you know ‘fetch,’” Akin said.

“She goes to Washington, D.C., and get all of these taxes and red tape and bureaucracy and executive orders and agencies and she brings all of this stuff and dumps it on us in Missouri.”

Listen to Akin’s statement (:31) — Audio credit: Eli Yokley, PoliticMo.

Despite calls from GOP leadership to drop out of the U.S. Senate race after he said women rarely get pregnant in legitimate rape situations … he has remained on the ticket.

Now, three weeks before election day, he trails McCaskill by six points in the polls.