Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel announced that Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel are now in head-to-head competition for the starting quarterback job. “What I told them is I’m rotating the quarterbacks. They will get equal reps,” Crennel said. “Both of them will get work, and then we’ll evaluate it, and then next week we’ll get ready for game week, and then we’ll make a decision and go from there.”

Cassel was out last week after suffering a concussion against Baltimore. He’s back on the practice field and should be 100% following the bye week.

“I feel great, yeah,” he said. “I’ve passed all the tests and done all that.”

Quinn was 22-for-38 for 180 yards, and stuck with a conservative game plan in the Chiefs 38-10 loss to Tampa Bay.  Crennel said on Monday there was no doubt Quinn was rusty, but he too will benefit from the bye week and it will just depend on how quickly that rust will rub off.  Prior to Sunday’s start, Quinn last made an NFL start in December of 2009.