Time is running out for last minute voters looking to register so they can cast their ballots come November. The deadline is today.

The Communications Director for Secretary of State, Stacey Temple, says there are several ways to go about registering for last minute voters. “They can either do it in person at their local election authority’s office, or if they happen to be renewing their driver’s license, they can do it at any of the licensing offices, or any office that offers public assistance such as the division of family services or a military recruiting office,” she says. And there are options for those who may not be able to go and do it in person as well. “You can go to the Secretary of State’s website at Go Vote Missouri.com or download a voter registration application and you can fill that out and send it in to the local election authority’s office- and all of those addresses are also online through the website,” Temple says.

Voters also should check the status of their voter registration and make sure it’s up to date. “Just go on the website and enter your information in to see if you’re registered, and also to make sure that your registration is current,” Temple says.


AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (:58)