Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera became just the 15th player to win baseball’s Triple Crown, and the first since Boston’s Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. Cabrera topped the AL with a .330 batting average, 44 homers and 139 RBIs.

It wasn’t a done deal until the Yankees pinch hit for Curtis Granderson in their 14-2 win over Boston. Granderson had homered twice to reach 43 and tie Rangers’ CF Josh Hamilton for second, and one behind Cabrera. If either Hamilton or Granderson had tied Cabrera for home runs, he still would have been considered the Triple Crown winner.

Cabrera went 0-for-2 against the Royals in the Tigers 1-0 win. He left the game in the fourth inning to a standing ovation. He finished the regular season hitting four points higher than Angels rookie Mike Trout. Cabrera was the big leader in RBIs.