One of Missouri’s top law enforcement officials say its’ time to add a third topic to the family talk about the birds and the bees–drugs.

Western Missouri federal prosecutor David Ketchmark says “the talk” these days needs to include “an open and honest” exchange about the growing problem of prescription drugs. Ketchmark cites national numbers showing 2009 was the first year more people died from drug overdoses than from traffic crashes. And drug overdose deaths for people 15 to 19 years old are up 91 percent in the last decade–much of that increase attributable to increased trafficking in and use of prescription drugs. .

Having “the talk” is often a nervous time for the parents. But Ketchmark says there are a lot of resources on the internet that can ease that discomfort. His office has partnered with in community education efforts. He says that group also has some helpful hints for parents who need to have “the talk.”

AUDIO: Ketchmark interview 7:46