The Highway Patrol’s vehicle fleet is becoming more diverse. Several of them are pictured on the Patrol’s website.

Not all of the vehicles are shown on the patrol’s website but seven vehicles are, ranging from an armored vehicle to a motorcycle, two kinds of SUVs, two patrol cars, and a pickup truck. Dodge Chargers are the predominant road vehicles with some all-wheel-drive Ford Interceptors and even fewer Chevrolet Caprices being tested.

It seems that police agencies throughout Missouri are using  SUVs more than they used to.  Patrol spokesman Tim Hull says SUVs have an important advantage–greater cargo-hauling capacity for operations needing it.  .

Hull says space is one of the things that seems to be shrinking in regular road cars. He says the passenger compartments have about as much space as their predecessors.  But he says trunk space is shrinking, and the patrol hauls a lot of stuff in the trunk, including full-sized spare tires. 

AUDIO: Hull interview 8:43