The man who has presided over a divided state senate for the last two years is moving on and hoping the divisions within the chamber heal without him.

Senator Rob Mayer of Dexter is forced out of the legislature after 12 years by term limits. Eight of those years have been spent in the senate where he was in charge of state budget work before becoming President Pro Tem in 20-11. Although his Republicans have controlled the senate more than 3-1, they’ve had trouble getting consensus on several major issues.  Mayer says it has been “extremely difficult” to get competing splinters together.

He says resolutions of tough issues in the Senate are likely to take a lot of time because of divisions that will remain after he leaves. 

Mayer is running for circuit judge back home.  He has a November opponent. Senate Floor Leader Tom Dempsey of St. Peters is the only announced candidate to succeed Mayor as President Pro Tem.

AUDIO: Mayer interview 4:40