The first lawsuit challenging the contraception bill passed by lawmakers over the governor’s veto has been filed within minutes of the final legislative action.

The Greater Kansas city Coalition of Labor Union Women charges the bill violates state and federal laws in several ways.   Kansas City lawyer E. E. Keenan says, “The labor movement feels that those who are opposed to  workers are using social issues in the culture wars to divide workers and we’re putting our foot down and showing that workers are united and an attack on workers right to health care is an attack on all workers and we’re going to fight back against it swiftly.” 

The lawsuit is asking a Cole County circuit judge to issue an order keeping the law from going into effect.  The overridden law will become effective in thirty days without a judge’s restraining order. Keenan expects the case to wind up before the state supreme court.

Governor Nixon, who vetoed the law, says he did so because the state already has strong religious protections for its citizens.

The Senate voted 26-6 to override the veto.  The House had to hold the tally board open for several minutes to round up the 109 votes needed to complete the override.

 AUDIO: Keenan interview 3:19