Missouri’s Republican Senate Candidate wasn’t at the Republican National Convention, but he’s expected to have a presence at the Democratic National Convention. Democrats and Republicans alike continue to criticize Todd Akin for saying a doctor told him that a woman’s body can biologically “shut down” a pregnancy when she is raped.

Missouri Congressman and U.S. Senate Candidate Todd Akin

National Republican Convention delegate Chris Howard of Ballwin says he expects a lot of time to be spent on those comments at the DNC. “Ironically, I think they have to be very careful. They could push it way too far and the backlash actually saves Akin and he still beats Claire McCaskill, if they push it too far.”

Republican National Committee member Catherine Hanaway says Akin’s comments were indefensible. “Absolutely everything that he said in characterizing rape as anything other than a heinous crime I vehemently disagree with, but the point that an innocent child’s life should be protected I completely agree with. You can’t punish that child for the crimes of his or her father.”

Hanaway says voters should remember several things about Akin. “The fact that he is not the only candidate running in Missouri, he is not a close advisor to (former governor Mitt) Romney or Congressman (Paul) Ryan, and he isn’t the person that will be sent to the White House … that this election really is about who’s going to lead the free world.”

Hanaway urges Republicans not to lose sight of the party’s goals over the Akin controversy. “We need to beat Claire McCaskill and take a majority in the United States Senate.”

The DNC begins today in Charlotte, North Carolina. Scheduled speakers include Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver.