Senate candidate Todd Akin sees his candidacy as a mission and wonders if presidential candidate Mitt Romney hasn’t gone overboard in asking him to leave the ticket.  Romney, the presidential candidate, joined by the head of the Republican party, and the five most recent Missouri Republican senators, along with several members of Congress tried to talk Akin into leaving the ticket after his “legitimate rape” interview last weekend.   Akin says he heard them but his principles are greater than the party’s wishes.

Premier Radio Network talk show host Sean Hannity tried to talk Akin into leaving the ticket as the clock neared the deadline for withdrawal….and could not budge him.

                                            AUDIO: Akin :27 

Akin suggests talk that his candidacy could hurt the Republican party nationwide is hyperbole. He says he’s not putting his political ambitions ahead of the welfare of the party.  He says he represents what the party should be standing for.

The senatorial campaign committee and a major Republican Super-PAC have told Akin he won’t get money from them—and he has little money left after the primary.