The resignation of Steven Tilley as Speaker of the Missouri House comes as Republicans could try to overturn vetoes on as many as seven bills in the September veto session.

Majority Floor Leader Tim Jones (photo courtesy, Missouri House Communications)

Majority Floor Leader and the likely eventual Speaker, Tim Jones, says he and Tilley discussed whether Tilley’s resignation would hurt the chances of securing any of those overturns.

“We ended up coming to the conclusion that with the bills that are going to be likely available for debate and override, that they’re either going to pass with a clear supermajority or an override is not going to be attainable. It’s not going to come down to one vote.”

Jones says Republicans are looking hard at two House bills for possible override attempts, on bills that passed by large margins.

“The auto tax bill that was sponsored by Representative (Ryan) Silvey. Representative Silvey is advocating very strongly for that to be overridden. There was one other bill that had 108 votes during the session. That was Representative Tom Long’s bill related to child custody. I spoke with Representative Long. He’s going to mull that over and decide whether or not he would like to move forward on that bill.”

See Silvey’s Bill, HB 1329

Jones says five to seven Senate bills could be the subjects of possible override attempts, including SB 749 dealing with health insurance rights.

Tilley says he anticipates being elected speaker at the veto session in September, and again after new lawmakers are sworn in, in January.