A new autism guide developed by the University of Missouri Thompson Center for Autism seeks to help professionals and families.

Dr. Janet Farmer is one of the co-founding directors of the Thompson Center for Autism. She says the Guide to Evidence-based Interventions is a comprehensive free source for doctors, therapists, educators and familes.

Farmer says all medical treatment should be evidence based, and in treating autism, it’s no different. However, she says no case of autism spectrum disorder is the same, and this guide addresses the disorders’ variances.

The guide is available for free download online, and hard copies are available.

She says professionals are viewing the new guide as a state-of-the-art resource.

Farmer says the guide is the companion publication to the widely respected book put out by the Thompson Center a couple years ago: Autism Spectrum Disorders — Missouri Best Practice Guidelines to Screening, Diagnosis, and Assessment.