The three leading Republican candidates for the U. S. Senate think the Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act claim the ruling gives them a way to separate themselves from the other two.  

Eight Republicans are running for Claire McCaskill’s seat but only three have the organizations and he money to be considered serious contenders.  They’ve had debate after debate after debate but independent polling shows none of them has opened daylight between themselves and the other two.

Congressman Todd Akin, businessman John Brunner, and former state treasurer Sarah Steelman  all say they will vote to repeal the law.  What Steelman thinks sets her apart is

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Neither of the others, of course, will promise NOT to do what they say they’ll do of course.  But Brunner says his business experience gives him expertise the others don’t have.

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 Congressman Todd Akin says Steelman and Brunner talk the talk, but he’s the only one who has walked the walk.

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Steelman says Akin is part of the “establishment” that runs Washington.  Brunner also is running as an outsider. But Akin says his record shows he’s not afraid to vote against his own party’s position.

Voters have 33 days to decide if there really is a preferable difference  with one of them.