Two of the GOP Candidates for the U.S. Senate Seat of Claire McCaskill are calling out the nation’s Attorney General, who is now facing disciplinary action by Congress.

Republican Senate Candidates Sarah Steelman, Todd Akin and John Brunner.

A congressional committee will vote next week on whether to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for failing to cooperate in the investigation into the “Fast & Furious” gun trafficking sting in which the ATF allowed suspected drug cartel members to buy guns, in order to trace them to higher-level cartel targets.

At a GOP Senate candidate debate at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman, businessman John Brunner and Congressman Todd Akin were asked about Fast & Furious.

Steelman says Holder lied to Congress. “Well I’d start by firing Eric Holder if I was the President of the United States.”

Akin says Holder should be forced to testify before Congress. “We have to aggressively track this particular problem down to its source, and we have to prosecute everybody in the line that had anything to do with this and the tragic death of people that are trying to serve our country … and this thing goes an awful lot higher than just the agency.”

Businessman John Brunner says Fast & Furious is a snapshot of out-of-control government.

“This kind of bureaucratic, top-down government has had a great example here in a very tragic situation, and I would never have supported that program.”

The debate was hosted by St. Louis radio station FM Newstalk 97.1.

AUDIO:  Listen to the debate, 1:17