The after effects of Will Rhymes getting beaned and fainting

As I was flipping through the channels last night, I caught the Red Sox-Rays game last night and saw Rays player Will Rhymes flat on his back with medical staff surrounding him and the stadium completely quiet. I could tell Rhymes was in foul territory and wasn’t sure what happened until I saw the replays of Rhymes getting plunked on the arm by a 95 mph fastball from Boston reliever Franklin Morales. If you closed your eyes and listened you would have thought the ball hit the bat, but it was Rhymes’ upper forearm.

After taking first base, Rhymes begins to motion to the Tampa Bay dugout that he needs to come out of the game. He takes a few steps before he his met by former Cardinal George Hendrick (the Rays first base coach). Hendrick holds up Rhymes while his legs go weak and Hendrick is yelling back towards the dugout for help. After the game, Rhymes explains what happened.

AUDIO Will Rhymes on getting hit and fainting (:17)