Senate leader Rob Mayer admits the legislature is in a stalemate on some budget issues, less than four days before the constitution says a new budget has to be approved.

Senator Jason Crowell is blocking votes on any bills by the state senate until $2.3-milion is removed from the budget of Southeast Missouri State University, which is in his home town of Cape Girardeau.

Mayer could use a parliamentary motion to cut off debate and immediately vote on any bill if Crowell continues to be a roadblock. But Mayer doesn’t have enough votes to pass the motion although Republicans outnumber Democrats in the senate 26-8.  He says Crowell has enough allies within the Republican caucus to keep a previous-question motion from passing.

The money Crowell wants removed was stuck into the budget by House Speaker Steven Tilley. The school never asked for it.

AUDIO: Mayer press conference.