The annual debate about eliminating Missouri’s motorcycle helmet law becomes a statistical contest in the state senate. 

Senator Dan Brown of Rolla is the latest lawmaker to try to get a repeal bill passed.  The few times similar bills  have been approved in the last 30 years, governors have vetoed them. Brown had to fight off an amendment from St. Joseph Senator Rob Schaaf, a doctor, saying people without helmets who are  hurt in motorcycle crashes could not receive state help through Medicaid.  But Brown argues the greater percentage of motorcyclists carry health insurance. 

One senator has termed the debate a war of statistics that matched statistics against common sense. 

Although Shaaf’s amendment failed, other opposing Senators ran the bill out of floor time and Brown has shelved it. 

 AUDIO: Debate, part one 26:20

AUDIO: Debate, part 2 22:25

AUDIO: Debate, part 3 19:30